Precise messaging is an important way for mobile apps to retain users and is usually achieved by segmenting users into different groups according to their preferences and then adopting different messaging policies for each user segment. However, if you want to push messages to users based on their precise locations, in-depth customization is usually required since most available third-party messaging services cannot narrow the target audience down to a specific business area or a small area. With geofences, this issue can be effectively resolved. A geofence is a set of virtual boundaries that define a given area on a map. When a user’s device enters or leaves the geofence, or stays in the geofence for a specific amount of time, messages and notifications can be automatically sent to an app on the user’s device. Geofence and messaging capabilities can work together to precisely send messages to target audiences in a specified area.

For example, suppose that a travel app wants to promote its ticket booking service in Paris. To do so, the app can create geofences for popular scenic spots in Paris. When a target user arrives at a scenic spot during a specified time range, the app will send them a promotion message such as “You have received a coupon for XYZ: Tap here to claim the coupon,” increasing their willingness to buy a ticket.

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