GitOps is a set of principles for you to implement continuous deployment for cloud-native applications using Git as a single source of truth. With GitOps, you treat everything, including infrastructure, as source code and store it in Git. GitOps lets you automatically deploy code as soon as it is committed to a Git repository. Here are some of its benefits:

It offers a developer-centric approach
It promises high reliability with faster error recovery
It gives you complete visibility
It greatly increases your productivity

When adopting GitOps in any organization, it takes setting up a GitOps that is different from a more traditional CI/CD pipeline. Modern cloud-native tools make up this new pipeline. In this post, we list the most vital tools that make up a GitOps pipeline. We also discuss the practices that go along with these tools, which are sometimes more important than the tool itself. The list is not meant to be exhaustive but is a good indicator of the leading GitOps tools today.

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