It’s been a busy week here for Brian and I, lots of stuff going on. We did have time to collect some links however, which I share with you now. Enjoy!

8 Essential Best Practices in Windows Azure Blog Storage: “Throughout this article I’ll discuss 8 essential best practices to support you in maintaining and controlling both cost and availability. In this article I’ll look only at the best practices for the Public Containers inside Blob Storage and in future articles we’ll talk about the other types of storage.”
How to Choose Between Windows Azure Queues, Windows Azure Service Bus Queues: “The article helps you compare and contrast the respective technologies and be able to make a more informed decision about which solution best meets your needs.”
Why is Windows Azure Deployment Slow Compared to Heroku?: This is a balanced look at Azure and Heroku that offers great insight into why deployment times differ.
So what does “The Cloud” mean now?: A humorous, but still serious, look at what “The Cloud” means to different people.
Beta of Window Phone Toolkit for Amazon Web Services released: This move, IMHO, speaks volumes about Microsoft’s commitment to interoperability.
Hosting your Moodle on Windows Azure: A short post highlighting 2 projects that allow you to hose Moodle on Azure.
Architecting for Failure: Why Cloud Architecture is Different (Meetup): If you are in the Boston area on Feb. 7th, this looks like it would be a good Meetup to attend.
NougakuDoCompanion: A “Ruby on Rails” companion for Windows Azure: A short post that highlights a project that makes hosting RoR apps on Azure easy.
Handling two known issues with Windows Azure node.js SDK 0.5.2: Workarounds for an exception while testing your node.js app in the Compute Emulator and for troubles with publishing a MongoDB-enabled node.js app to Azure.
A chat with Nick Quaranto about internals: Q&A about what goes on inside to make the magic happen.
Prompts and Directories – Even Better Git (and Mercurial) with PowerShell: Scott Hanselman talks about using PowerShell to work with Git and Mercurial.
The client-side templating throwdown: mustache, handlebars, dust.js, and more: There’s a ton of templating solutions out there, Veena Basavaraj discusses how LinkedIn picked dust.js as it’s client-side templating solution.
Beautiful docs: A collection of well-written documentation to serve as examples to those of us who write docs.
Backbone.js: A Roundup for Beginners: A collection of links useful for learning how to work with Backbone.js.


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