You hear it every day of your life. “Experience counts.” With experience comes valuable knowledge and, presumably, a history of what works, what has been tried, and how to navigate life and business. But, there is a growing phenomenon in the IT community that challenges the concept of experience and a lifelong dedication to a career or area of study. As that phenomenon gains traction, team members and employees of IT businesses find themselves scratching their heads over the realities of hiring, advancement, and the idea of a thriving future in an IT career. 

So, what is changing, and what is driving that change? It is simple. If you look at the culture and fabric of information technology, it doesn’t take long to recognize that it has been changing rapidly and that change is faster and more intense than ever. Now, consider the relevance of the knowledge gained from a degree achieved in 2000 in an IT-related discipline. How much has changed since then? 

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