Acing a CI/CD interview is all about preparation. Preparation starts with collecting as much information as you can about the prospective company, and their history, product, and interviewing process.

Next in the list is to brush up your technical skills because knowing your technical stuff will make you stand out. Questions (like the ones in this article) are a great way of testing your knowledge. To help you, we’ve collected and answered 30 common CI/CD interview questions. How many can you answer?

How Many of These Questions Can You Answer?

What is version control?
What is Git?
What is a Git repository?
Which other version control tools do you know of?
What is a Git branch?
What is merging?
What is trunk-based development?
What is Gitflow, and how does it compare to trunk-based development?
How long should a branch live?
What is continuous integration?
How do CI and version control relate to one another?
What’s the difference between continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment?
Name some benefits of CI/CD.
What are the most important characteristics in a CI/CD platform?
What is the build stage?
What’s the difference between a hosted and a cloud-based CI/CD platform?
How long should a build take?
Is security important in CI/CD? What mechanisms are there to secure it?
Can you name some deployment strategies?
How does testing fit into CI?
Should testing always be automated?
Name a few types of tests used in software development.
How many tests should a project have?
What is a flaky test?
What is TDD?
What is the main difference between BDD and TDD?
What is test coverage?
Does test coverage need to be 100%?
How can you optimize tests in CI?
What’s the difference between end-to-end testing and acceptance testing?

Version Control

CI/CD interview questions may include version control and Git as a topic.

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