A website needs to be constantly tested and optimized to be in line with Google’s web and SEO guidelines. As a result, it has an advantage over others in terms of visibility, brand image, and driving traffic. However, to tactically assess the website’s performance, it needs to be measured in a well-thought-out manner. Core Web Vitals is a key performance metric that analyzes the website’s performance by investigating the data and provides a strategic platform to scale up the website’s user experience. This article will learn about web performance testing and how Core Web Vitals plays a crucial and strategic part in it.

What Is Web Performance Testing?

Web performance testing is executed, so that accurate information is provided on the application’s readiness by monitoring the server-side application and testing the website. This is done by simulating a load that is in line with real conditions so that the expected load can be supported by the application that has been evaluated. 

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