This is the second in a series of blogs discussing unified observability with microservices and the Oracle database. The first piece went into the fundamentals and basic use cases. This second blog will take a deeper dive into the Metrics, Logs, and Tracing exporters (which can be found at, describing them and showing how to configure them, Grafana, alerts, etc.  I will also refer the reader to the latest version of the Unified Observability in Grafana Workshop that has just been published which demonstrates the principles, provides code and configuration examples, etc.  All of the code for the workshop can also be found at the repos (specifically in the observability directory). 

Particularly with the dawn of microservices, robust observability is an absolute requirement, and the better the tools and techniques used in the space, the more effective and enjoyable observability is for the (DevOps) user and thus the focus on this key area.

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