A New York Times piece last year addressed the question, “Are you ready to fly without a human pilot?” which sparked a vigorous conversation on Facebook. Many users responded with comments that were quite emotional, and other users also volunteered their expertise on the aviation sector. Others claimed that people were more amenable to accepting autonomous automobiles than pilotless aircraft, maybe because driving feels safer than flying.

Technologies like computer vision power the automation and self-driving cars, but are we close to commercial planes being controlled by AI systems instead of pilots? Prototypes of self-piloted passenger air vehicles by Boeing and Airbus have already done their first test flights. But for now, we can put aside futuristic scenes in which commercial airplanes fly without human control. It will take years of certification and testing before air travel becomes fully pilotless. The good news is that airlines do use AI or rather data science and machine learning to automate pr speed up operations. So we will discuss real-life use cases that don’t aggravate your aerophobia with AI phobia. 

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