Development and designing are crucial, yet equally significant is making sure that you have developed the software product as per the necessities. In QA and software testing world, a compatibility test is a kind of test performed to scrutinize whether the software or app is competent of running on multiple OSs, mobile devices, browsers, applications, network environments, and more. Put simply, the compatibility of the software is checked for distinct environments and platforms. This non-functional testing can be conducted either through automation tools or can be performed manually. 

What Is the Compatibility Test?

A Compatibility test deals with delivering software so that it functions perfectly across distinct configurations, platforms, as well as versions based on user requirements. Compatibility is the Non-Functional Requirement (NFR) and hence concentrates on delivering superior-quality and consistent performance. In nutshell, Compatibility Test is a kind of Software test to confirm whether your software is competent enough of running on various Mobile devices, operating systems, hardware, applications, or network environments  

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