With the increasing popularity of the mobile Internet, mobile apps are now becoming an integral part of our daily lives and provide increasingly more diverse functions that bring many benefits to users. One such function is searching for Point of Interests (POIs) or places, such as banks and restaurants, in an app.

When a user searches for a POI in an app, besides general information about the POI, such as the name and location, they also expect to be shown other relevant details. For example, when searching for a POI in a taxi-hailing app, a user usually expects the app to display both the searched POI and other nearby POIs, so that the user can select the most convenient pick-up and drop-off point. When searching for a bank branch in a mobile banking app, a user usually wants the app to show both the searched bank branch and nearby POIs of a similar type and their details such as business hours, telephone numbers, and nearby roads.

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