When it comes to choosing a Git management tool, you need to consider various factors as it significantly affects the workflow and efficiency of the development process. One of the most important aspects to think about is how collaboration among all team members is organized in this application. Here are some questions we are going to answer in this article: 

Is there any difference between Pull requests and Merge Requests?
How to work with Pull Requests in Bitbucket?
How to work with Merge Requests in GitLab?
How to get insights into Your Team Performance in Bitbucket?
How to improve your development process?

What Is the Difference?

Pull Request in Bitbucket and GitHub or Merge Request in GitLab are the features made for more convenient code review and change management. Though they have different names, these features are equivalent, as they both do the same git merge command to merge feature branches or forks with the existing code. In essence, the requests are simply short messages to other developers describing the changes made to a branch. Sending it will ask your colleges to review the changes before merging them.

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