.NET development framework has gained a lot of popularity in the dev market. It is used by millions of developers to create a variety of software applications. The reason is that .NET offers a plethora of features to develop any type of software product as per the given requirements. Furthermore, the platform has seen great advancements in the last few years, providing more ease to the developers to create cross-platform applications. This has further increased the popularity of the .NET framework, encouraging more developers to join its gigantic dev ecosystem.

The recent introduction of .NET 6 has further strengthened the development infrastructure of the platform. It has now become more feature-rich than ever, allowing developers to create advanced applications for the cloud, IoT, desktop, and mobile devices. You can also call it a perfect unified platform where you can get tons of development options according to your requirements. All you need to do is just become proficient in those dev technologies that are offered by .NET, such as Xamarin, ASP.NET Core, and others.

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