Automation testing plays a significant role in overcoming the shortcomings or drawbacks of manual tests, plus broadening the scope for extra layered testing. Current studies have forecasted that the progress of the Global Test Automation market to hit USD 109.69 billion by the year 2025, which means that QA testing is growing and evolving rapidly. The influence of Selenium Testing is such that it has become a game-changer in the Quality Assurance and Software Testing world. Automated test has become more demanding as the high level of accuracy that is accomplished is saving loads of time for the testing team as well. Besides, automated testing empowers enterprises or businesses by boosting their software quality and making the entire tests process more reliable, faster, and resource-efficient. 

Selenium is one of the top lists in the testing arena because of its plentiful advantages. It has contributed to loads in bringing this exponential transformation in the testing world and continuous development and delivery procedure. Testing automation with Selenium has quite become popular with ongoing developments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It has initiated noteworthy transformations by opening up numerous unprecedented avenues in test automation. 

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