The advanced tech tools and solutions have reduced the number of manual tasks and jobs across different industries. The software development industry is no exception. These days, software developers have access to different low code platforms that can be used to automate several tasks of web and app development processes. This also helps them accomplish projects in time without compromising on quality and experience.

What Are Low Code Development Platforms?

Software tools that help developers create high-end and feature-rich software and apps by reducing complex coding works are known as low code development platforms. These tools allow software engineers to build data models, interfaces, and APIs using drag-and-drop or no-coding tools. Low-code platforms have made software development a lot easier and more efficient for both B2C and B2B development agencies. The demand for low code development platforms has increased in the recent couple of years due to the democratization of other technologies like AI, IoT, big data, and machine learning. All these technologies have enabled greater automation in software and app development processes.

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