JSF stands for Java-Server-Faces, which is a web technology that is underestimated by many people. I wonder why is that. And are you actually crazy if you still use JSF? I don’t think so, and I will share some of my thoughts. 

The Specification

First of all, JSF is a specification which is an important advantage over all the other technologies that JSF is usually compared to. The specification is an open process that is accompanied by many developers for years to define a general solid standard for web applications. This specification process has recently taken place in the Eclipse Foundation, which sets up rules that follow very high-quality standards. This is one of the biggest advantages, as it guarantees that your web application is built on a solid core. Of course, other web frameworks also have large communities, but often these are represented by a single company that does not always take the developers into account. Angular from Google is just one example.

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