During workouts, users expect to be able to track their status and data in real time within the health or fitness app on their phones. Huawei phone users can link a piece of equipment, like a treadmill or spinner bike, via the Huawei Health app, and start and track their workout within the app. As a fitness and health app developer, you can read activity records from the Huawei Health app, and display the records in your app. It is even possible to control the workout status directly within your app, and obtain real-time activity data, without having to redirect users to the Huawei Health app, which helps users conveniently track their workout and greatly enhances the user experience. Here is how.

HMS Core Health Kit provides a wide range of capabilities for fitness and health app developers. Its extended capabilities open up a wealth of real-time activity and health data and solutions specific to different scenarios. For example, after integrating the extended capabilities, you can call the APIs for starting, pausing, resuming, and stopping activities, to control activity status directly within your app, without redirecting users to the Huawei Health app. The Huawei Health app runs unobtrusively in the background throughout this entire process.

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