The widely adopted SCM tools we use today, GitHub and Gitlab, are built on the dated architecture and design of git. I recently happened upon this thread on HackerNews that talked about a lot of the pains we’ve spoken about in our article On Git and Cognitive Load. These aren’t the only issues with Git; many of them are just really simple missing features that are no longer aligned to our current engineering practices, take this post on Folder (Non)Tracking, and today I want to talk about common workarounds (AKA hacks) for secure storage with today’s SCMs.

When we build applications, from mobile to desktop, across industries, we often have many configurations in order to connect our applications to external services. Some of these services are required at runtime (e.g., ad networks, configuration servers, analytics), and others at build time (e.g., code signing). We’ll dive into some of the challenges third-party services and imports introduce into our development processes.

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