When constructing a building of any size, paying close attention to the type of foundation the structure calls for is the most important thing you can do. If you have a solid foundation, subsequent layers built on top of it will be effectively implemented, and you won’t have to worry about the third voice of doubt keeping you up at night. The same is true when it comes to producing a masterpiece of art. A painting that is skillfully painted but not on canvas of sufficient quality will not survive the test of time because of the fabric it is painted on. After completing that quick task, let’s go back to the job at hand, which is finishing off this brief post about the books that are the best for studying HTML and HTML5.

All web developers are aware that, much like a building or a painting, the web could not be able to flower and thrive if the very foundation of its magnificence could not resist the fury of time and development. This is something that all web developers are aware of. Time has washed away a lot of technological frameworks, tools, and languages. Still, hypertext markup language (HTML) has remained the foundation of all the web miracles we see today. HTML is the foundation of every online page, which is reason enough to treat the language respectfully.

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