Today, an SPF record is a must-have DNS record for reliable email delivery. It is a type of email authentication to protect your emails from being forged. This secures your reputation from phishers and spoofers. Find out more about the Sender Policy Framework to increase the credibility of your product.

What Is an SPF Record?

One of the DNS resource records is TXT. It is mostly used to denote facts about the domain and provide information to outside sources. It’s a must-have for email authentication. For example, an email comes from a server to your internet service provider (ISP). ISP can authenticate the email using a dedicated TXT type record, SPF record. This record contains data about the trusted servers authorized by your domain so, your ISP can identify a source an email is coming from and detect a forged email. SPF or Sender Policy Framework is a primary (but not the only) way to authenticate your email.

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