Vertical farming-based IoT solutions are one of the key emerging trends in the agriculture industry today. These solutions are not only providing accurate information on plant growth statistics but also making operations more sustainable. With these solutions, farmers can track energy usage and soil composition, verify air quality, temperature and moisture levels, etc. and perform operations in a more efficient manner.

In addition to processing data at rest, the real-time processing of sensor data i.e., the ability to process data collected by various sensors as it arrives, would form the major building blocks of these kinds of solutions. However, traditional data processing systems fall behind in handling real-time data, unstructured data, and scaling on demand. This is the reason why the usage of big data on the cloud in IoT-based solutions is on the rise, as it would require querying continuous data streams and detecting conditions quickly within a small interval from the time of receiving it. While big data supports data storage and structured as well as unstructured data processing, whereas cloud services are used for cost-effective scalable infrastructure.

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